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Facedown Recovery is more than just a physical exercise, it is a mental exercise.  If you can keep yourself busy you can help address your thoughts that may be invading your mind.  In this article we provide some practical suggestions to help keep your mind off of your present situation.  Since you are not to be involved in physical exercise, here are some mental exercise ideas.

Note of Precaution

First, a word about eye strain.  I asked my Ophthalmologist whether I could reply to some emails.  In my case, he indicated that I could but that I should be aware of straining my eye.  Remember this, YOUR Ophthalmologist has protocols that they want you to follow.  Successful recoveries mean that following these protocols is Mission Critical.

During my facedown recovery from a retinal detachment, I spent very little time watching but rather listening.  Here is an interesting fact, my non-surgery eye improved by 0.5 of a diopter; meaning it improved in strength. 

With that said, at your Ophthalmologists permission, you can use an iPad/Tablet or Phone to distract yourself from your present situation. If these are not available, included with your equipment rental is  a facedown reversible mirror.  

Be Social

Consider your family and friends part of your recovery team, keeping you focused on the goal and distracted from your present circumstances. You may look a little beat-up from swelling but don't let that stop you from having family and friends interact with you.  Phone calls, in-person visits as well as FaceTime visits are all ideas you can integrate into your facedown recovery strategy.  As I update this article, it is just after the 2023 SuperBowl.  One of our renters enjoyed the game with his family; he used the mirror and they were able to cheer on their favourite team together. Other renters have played games with their grandkids, allowed a finger nail to be painted each day of their recovery by one of their children while others reminisced about the good old days with friends and family.

I gave my husband step-by-step cooking instructions. ~ Doris T.

It was nice if people came to visit, providing they didn't stay too long. - Larry T.

Had a lot of company.  My family rotated being here. ~ Wendy S.

Engage the Mind

Why not sharpen your mind by reading that book you've been meaning to get to, doing crossword puzzles, sudoku, word searches and puzzles.  One of our renters posted a photo on our Google Reviews completing a puzzle while sitting in a chair.  I've also had some renters use their facedown recovery time to sharpen their language skills whether that be Spanish, French, Italian or another language.  Embracing the do-nothing protocol and re-framing your thoughts on what you get to do rather than what you are missing can truly help shift you from an enduring to manage.  These are things we get to do.  This leads me to the next section, the fact you have time to listen or watch things you haven't made time for in your life.

Listen and Watch

Since my facedown time in 2014 there are so many more options available for you.  while others have redefined the term "Binge Watch", while others are happy to watch sports, sports and more sports.  There are so many options available.

The following ideas are either FREE, offer 30 day trials or require a SUBSCRIPTION for their services. This is a great way to help you pass the time as well as keep your mind sharp.  We can either embrace the opportunity to learn and grow during this time or let it pass.


    • The Libby App  - Think Audiobooks.  Listen to the latest Grisham Novel or take-in the biography of Bobby Orr or Michelle Obama.  If your Public Library offers this app it provides access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks.  Since I live in Hamilton, Ontario I am able to use this app for finding audiobooks which I listen to when driving between rental stops.  I also download Ebooks to read on my iPad.
    • Spotify - This is a subscription based digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. I'm an avid user of this service.  I've created music playlists that include classics music from Boston, Kansas and Genesis to acoustic sounds from Jacob Moon to more acoustic sounds from Trace Bundy.  Depending on my mood, I'm able to find something to sooth my soul and quiet my mind. It doesn't just stop at music, Spotify provides direct access to thousands of podcasts.
    • - It is only recently that I began using Audible.  You can discover thousands of binge-worthy audiobooks, exclusive content, and Audible Originals. I recently listened to an Audible Original on the rookie year of Sidney Crosby.  Free trials are available BUT make sure you cancel before the charges come your way.  Each month you are given a credit to purchase a book for your own personal library.  There are thousands of books to access.  Keep in mind, you can get many of these books for FREE at your library. 
    • Radio - When reviewing our follow-up surveys, I was amazed at how many people simply said that they used the time to listen to the radio.  Sometimes this was news, other times classical, while other old comedy shoes.  Sometimes simple and FREE is the best.

I set up a library of audio on my ipod --- BBC radio plays,  
stand-up comedy, documentaries, interviews and lots of music. ~ Dyanne


If you don't have cable or other regular TV services from Rogers or Bell, then perhaps these ideas might provide direction of what to watch on a mobile device or a Smart TV.

Movies, Documentaries, Comedy

  • Netflix - What many people don’t know is that there are lots of FREE documentaries and movies available on YouTube.  I save things I want to watch later so I can quickly jump into things.  If you have a Google Account or Gmail account, why not take the time to create a playlist of things you want to watch so you don’t have to waste anytime looking for things while facedown.
  • YouTube - I have come to appreciate this online platform for learning.  Like Netflix, I add things I want to watch to a Watch Later Playlist.  I really hate wasting time trying to find something to watch.  Why not sharpen your mind during this unexpected downtime?  Create your own personal curriculum on the Eye, the Brain, watch countless documentaries or laugh along with Dry Bar Comedy.
  • Prime Video - If you have any Amazon Prime Account, you can get this FREE.  As a family
  • Other services you might be interested in: TubiTVApple TV, and Disney+


  • MLB.TV - Any Blue Jay Fans out there?  In 2014, at about day 14 of my facedown recovery journey, I wanted to pass time by watching some Toronto Blue Jays games.  I subscribed to MLB.TV at the end of July but struggled to get the app to work on my ancient tablet.  After 3 days of struggling the price of the subscription dropped substantially.  I believe it was about $30.  I contacted MLB, explaining my physical situation as well as my technical situation and asked if they would be willing to split the difference of the drop in price.  A day later, I received a phone call from MLB's headquarters in New York to let me know my money was being refunded and I should see it in my PayPal Account.  I must say I was thoroughly impressed. NOTE: MLB.TV does provide a FREE 7 Day Trial.
  • Sportsnet - Besides watching the Blue Jays, I don't watch many sports.  If you do decide to you need a sports fix, there are options for a month.  It doesn't appear though that they have a free trial.


You may not know this but you can find some excellent content both new and old online.  Each station offers Free and Premium Service.

The mirror is your ticket for keeping your sanity! ~ Denis F.

Very happy the bed came with the mirror so I could watch TV. I would have gone nuts without it !! ~ Harry L.


Personally, I'm continuing to learn more about he impact of sleep on my health.  I know sleeping can be difficult for many people, especially in a facedown position.  I wish I could bottle up the sleeping success of one renter who managed two back-to-back nights of 7 hour sleep.  I'm a little jealous on how she managed this since sleep alludes many people.  My wife indicated that I didn't sleep as well as I thought I did.  Sleeping facedown is foreign to most.  If you are able to, it will definitely help you pass the time.

  • benefits of sleep
  • ideas to improve your sleep.

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